Page4 I. Background
Page5 II. Definitions
Page5 1. Definitions Related to Survey Sample
Page6 2. Definitions of Terms Used in the Report
Page7 III. Methodology
Page9 IV. Summary
Page11 V. Text
Page11 1. Development of Global Internet and Broadband Market
Page11 1.1 Development of Global Internet Users and Penetration Rate
Page12 1.2 Global Broadband Users’ Growth Situation and Trend Forecast
Page13 1.3 Introduction of Main Countries and Regions with High Broadband Coverage
Page14 2. General Development of Chinese Internet and Broadband Users
Page14 2.1 Development of Chinese Internet Users and Forecast
Page15 2.2 Development of Chinese Broadband Users
Page16 2.3 China Broadband Access Mode
Page17 2.4 Market Share in China ADSL Access Market
Page18 3. Development of China Online Movie
Page18 3.1 Definition of Value-added Service from China Broadband Entertainment
Page19 3.2 Development of China Online Movie
Page20 3.3 Industry Chain of China Online Movie Market
Page21 3.4 Development of China Online Movie
Page22 3.5 Composition of Overall China Online Movie Market
Page23 3.6 Market Scale of China Online Movie and Estimation
Page24 4. Analysis on China Main Online Movie Operators
Page24 4.1 Development of In-Charged China Online Movie Users and Estimation
Page25 4.2 Market Scale of China Online Movie Operators and Estimation
Page26 4.3 Revenue of China Main Online Movie Operators In 2004
Page27 4.4 Business Range and Products of China Main Online Movie Operators
Page28 4.4.1 ChinaVnet
Page30 4.4.2 Beijing Broadband Network
Page31 4.4.3 Hbol Movies
Page33 4.4.4 21CN Broadband
Page35 4.4.5 WWW.CATV.COM
Page36 4.4.6 CCTV Broadband
Page37 4.4.7 Phoenix Broadband
Page38 5. Analysis on Need and Behavior of China Online Movie Users
Page38 5.1 Analysis on China Online Movie Users’ Preference
Page38 5.1.1 Users’ Opinion about the Advantage of Online Movie
Page39 5.1.2 Main Reason for Users Do not Watch Movie Online
Page40 5.1.3 How long have Users Adopted Online Movie
Page41 5.1.4 Frequently-Used Online Media Player Software
Page42 5.1.5 Preferred Genres of Online Programs
Page43 5.1.6 Preferred Categories of Movies/TV Programs
Page44 5.1.7 How Many Hours per Month Does User Spent on Online Movie
Page45 5.1.8 Frequently Used Movie Websites
Page46 5.2 Analysis over Satisfaction and Need from China Online Movie Users
Page46 5.2.1 Are Users Going to Watch Online Movie in the Next Year
Page47 5.2.2 Satisfaction Level of Chinese Online Movie Users
Page48 5.2.3 What Causes Dissatisfaction of Online Movie Service
Page49 5.2.4 Preferred Online Movie Service providers in the Future
Page50 5.2.5 Monthly Affordability for Online Movie Service by Users
Page51 5.2.6 Preferred Payment Method for Online Movie Service
Page52 5.2.7 How do Users Know Online Movie Service Providers
Page53 6. Main Conclusion
Page54 DisclaimersPour commander un exemplaire de cette étude,
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