Page4 I. Background of 4th iResearch Online Consumption Survey
Page6 II. Research Methods
Page7 III. Background of the Industry Research
Page7 IV. Definitions
Page9 V. Findings
Page13 VI. The report details
Page13 Part 1 Market Analysis
Page13 1. Overview of Instant Messaging Market
Page13 1.1 Analysis on Industry Value Chain of Instant Messaging Market
Page15 1.2 Market Participants of China¡¯s Instant Messaging Industry
Page17 2. Analysis on Global Instant Messaging Market
Page17 2.1 Number of Global IM Accounts will reach 1.6 billion by 2010
Page18 2.2 Number of Global IM Users exceed 400 million in 2006
Page19 2.3 Market Sectors of Global Instant Messaging Industry
Page22 2.4 Market Share of There Global Instant Messaging Providers
Page24 3. Overview of China Instant Messaging Market
Page24 3.1 Number of Instant Messenger Users Reached 114 million in 2006.
Page25 3.2 Development of Instant Messaging Products in China
Page29 3.3 Inevitability of the Development of Instant Messaging Products
Page31 3.4 Advantages and Disadvantages in the Development of China¡¯s Instant Messaging Market
Page31 3.4.1 Contributing Factors
Page32 3.4.2 Hindering Factors
Page33 4. Analysis on Competition in China¡¯s Instant Messaging Market
Page33 4.1 Market Share of IM Operators
Page35 4.2 Comparison of Monthly Use between Major IM in China
Page37 4.3 Comparison of Daily Use between Major IM in China
Page40 Part 2 Analysis of Operators
Page40 1. Market Leaders
Page40 1.1 Tencent QQ
Page40 1.1.1 Number of Tencent QQ Accounts
Page41 1.1.2 Number of Tencent QQ Peak Concurrent Users
Page43 1.1.3 Annual Revenue of Tencent
Page44 1.2 MSN Messenger (Live Messenger)
Page44 1.2.1 Number of MSN Messenger Users
Page45 1.2.2 User Comparison between Tencent QQ and MSN Messenger
Page46 2. Instant Messaging Products of Portals and Overseas Operators
Page46 2.1 Instant Messengers of Three Major Portals
Page48 2.2 3 Overseas Instant Messengers – Yahoo Messenger, Google & Skype
Page50 2.3 User Comparison between Yahoo Messenger, Google & Skype
Page52 3. New Marketers of the Instant Messaging Market
Page52 3.1 Fetion
Page54 3.2 PICA Instant Messaging Software
Page56 4. Comparison of User Characteristics between IMs
Page56 4.1 Gender
Page57 4.2 Age
Page58 4.3 Education Level
Page59 4.4 Monthly Income Level
Page60 4.5 Internet Access Location
Page61 Part 3 User Analysis
Page61 1. Use of IM by Internet Users in China
Page61 1.1 IM Penetration Reached 86% among Internet Users
Page62 1.2 Communication Demand Drives Internet User to IM
Page63 1.3 Reasons Stop Internet Users Using Instant Messaging
Page64 1.4 Non-IM Users are Likely to Join the Group of IM Users in the Future
Page65 2. Basic Attributes and Online Habits of IM Users in China
Page65 2.1 Basic Attributes of IM Users in China
Page66 2.2 IM Users¡¯ Major Activities are for Communication and Entertainment
Page67 2.3 The Group of China¡¯s IM Users is a Large Group of Online Consumers
Page68 3. Use of IM by IM Users in China
Page68 3.1 Most Frequently Used IM by IM Users
Page69 3.2 Use of IMs
Page71 3.3 Use of Functions
Page73 3.4 Privacy and Communication Cycle are major Consideration for User to Choose an IMs
Page74 4. IM Behaviors of IM Users in China
Page74 4.1 Frequency of IM Software Use in China
Page75 4.2 Spent Length of Time of IM Use per Use
Page76 4.3 Number of IMs Adopted by Users Simultaneously
Page77 5. Use Analysis of Instant Messenger Functions
Page77 5.1 Use Analysis of Contact List Function of Instant Messenger
Page77 5.1.1 An Average Number of 50 Contacts in Users¡¯ IM Contact List
Page78 5.1.2 An Average of 21 New Contacts are added to Users¡¯ IM Contact List
Page79 5.1.3 Small Capacity Contact List will not Keep Users Away
Page80 5.2 Use Analysis of Voice Function of Instant Messenger
Page80 5.2.1 Voice Function Penetration Reaches 90%
Page81 5.2.2 Major Voice Functional IMs
Page82 5.2.3 Voice Communication Quality is a Key to Attract IM Users
Page83 5.2.4 Satisfaction Level of IM Voice Function
Page84 5.3 Use Analysis of Video Function of Instant Messenger
Page84 5.3.1 Video Function Penetration Exceeds 80%
Page85 5.3.2 Major Video Functional IMs
Page86 5.3.3 Video Connection Speed is a Key to Attract IM Users
Page87 5.3.4 Satisfaction Level of IM Video Function
Page88 5.4 Use Analysis of Interactive Window of Instant Messenger
Page88 5.4.1 Interactive Window of IMs Reached Nearly 65% of IM Users
Page89 5.4.2 News, Entertainment and Life Contents is to Satisfy Users¡¯ Demand
Page90 5.4.3 Interactive Window Provides a Accuracy and Timeliness Platform
Page91 5.5 Analysis of IM Charge Value Added Services
Page91 5.5.1 IM Users Expect Spend approximate 10RMB/Mth on VAS
Page92 5.5.2 Users are willing to Pay for Mobile Messaging, Mobile Phone Connected
Page93 6. Analysis on User Loyalty and Brand Preference
Page93 6.1 Tencent QQ Enjoys the Highest Loyalty Level and Skype Has the Biggest Attraction Level
Page95 6.2 IM Users¡¯ Brand Preference
Page96 6.3 Most Recommended IMs of the 2006
Page97 Report Conclusion and Suggestions
Page99 Basic Attributes of IM Survey Samples
Page100 Attachment: iResearch Survey Method and Procedure
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