Chinese social networks

In China, even if WeChat is undoubtedly the first social network (On ​​approaching 600 million users), it does not have as long a monopoly in the sector. Weibo is on his side beating day after day new records, making it the most serious competitor to WeChat.


The report of the Sina group (owner of the social network Weibo ) tells us these amazing information. On February 7, New Year’s Eve, the figures are outstanding:

  • 134 million active users, which corresponds to an increase of 31% compared to the previous year
  • 51.9 million publications mailed in one night, up 15% on last year (45 million in 2015).
  • The interactions between users increased by 76% since last year, although it is difficult to assess, Weibo was measured through the number of engaged discussions, comments posted etc.
  • 18.2 billion of views on all publications related to the New Year or Spring Festival.
  • 100 million users who sent the Hongbao (red envelope containing money that is offered to relatives, the traditional New Year in China).

That evening, the publication that most buzzée was the work of the actor Yang Yang Shanghaien whose message on the subject of family time, got more than 607,000 likes, retweets 571,000 and 85,000 comments.

Weibo, for what?

More time will pass more this social network Micro-blogging is gaining in popularity. Still remember that the Chinese platform has more users than Twitter (more than 500 million against 308 million) and has a rapid development. If for example you want to do business in China, this social network is essential. You will, among other you create your page, attract a community and loyalty through events, games or contests.

Moreover, this platform enables your community to communicate on the felt experience with your products or services by giving their opinions. The Chinese are fond of exchange of experience, according to Philip, a Social Media expert in China. You will therefore almost indispensable to serve you one of these platforms to put users at ease.

The relationship between the company and the consumer is of the utmost importance, and to maintain a good relationship is nothing like a good presence on social networks.

Humanizing your brand in this way will contribute to your success.