In China, there are 625 million users of social networks and close to 0% of them use the Western countries platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Understanding Chinese social networks is an important issues for all companies wishing to do business in China. In order to attract customers in the local market but also to understand the psychology of the latter, western marketers will need to have a idea of multiple solutions offered by the Chinese Internet to communicate. the Landscape of Chinese social networks

Social Media China



25 hours per week on social networks
The Chinese thus have a different relationship with social networks and the digital world in general that Western countries. This relationship would more on emotion and represent Chinese culture, a culture focused on freedom of expression in confidence, but also about loneliness in real life and a greater freedom on the exchange platforms in general on their phone.

In China, 91% of the population has a mobile phone, representing 1.24 billion users. The platforms have well understood the issues related to social networks, and have understood the need to transform this desire to be constantly connected to digital business.

Weibo with 129 million active users, WeChat with its 335 million users that can be respectively compared to Twitter and Whatsapp, offer many more features than their Western counterparts.

WeChat the Social Leader implementation in China

For example, WeChat, which is the leading social network in China, not only allows to send voice messages and text messages, but also “moments”. One could compare the Facebook News Feed with sharing articles, links, recommendations or “Selfies”.

WeChat also allows you to call a taxi, to manage expenses, paying for services or make online purchases, all without having to leave the application. The last feature to date, in this line, is WeChat bank, which links his bank account and his cards to his WeChat account to make payments and money transfers.

Even expats use WeChat

“Expats generally like to use WeChat and its functions,” says the founder of TailorMade . WeChat already has over 100 million active users compared to Weibo, bringing the number in China 55millions.
More generally WeChat allows Chinese to express themselves freely and safely because it is a private network. What is important is to speak in a closed circle and not worried by the government. Beijing also preferred because communication is controlled. WeChat is now the most powerful social network on the market.

Unlike Western countries, social networking platforms in China are working tirelessly to provide maximum services to their users, and have much more profitable services than their Western counterparts, with advertising as its main source of income.

As WeChat, Weibo provides a platform for online shopping, and functionality “Weibo Payment” to link their Alipay account to their Weibo account to make online purchases without leaving the site Weibo.
Moreover, WeChat is a real way to communicate for business with its consumers and to attract new ones. Customers of a company can recommend such products to their groups of friends can directly purchase the application.

The application, in addition to being a place of interaction and exchange, becomes a real marketing weapon for companies, which have well understood for some time and do not hesitate to enjoy.

If you want to get to know China, enjoy the power of local social networks to transform a large user community into potential customers, communicate on Chinese social networks is a good solution.